At the University of Michigan, I worked as a graduate student instructor in the Department of Political Science. Below are short descriptions for the courses. Syllabi and teaching evaluations are available upon request.

POLSCI 599 – Statistical Methods in Political Research I (with Professor Walter Mebane; Fall 2017 and Fall 2015). Graduate. This is the first course in statistics requiring little or no previous exposure to the subject. Topics covered include probability theory, sampling distributions, sampling theory, confidence intervals, hypothesis testing, multivariate regression, and strategies of data analysis.

POLSCI 140 – Introduction to Comparative Politics (with Professor Robert Franzese; Winter 2016). Undergraduate. An introduction to the social scientific study of comparative politics. Topics include: the state and state-building, the political economy of development, revolution, dictatorship, democracy, democratization, the varieties of democracy, electoral systems, social cleavage-structure, and party systems.

Before coming to Michigan, I had several teaching appointments at the Higher School of Economics in St Petersburg, Russia.